Welcome to Reliable Puppies

Our goal at Reliable Puppies is to connect families with a happy and healthy puppy! We understand that adopting a puppy is an exciting time for you, therefore we strive to make the process of adopting a puppy a smooth and stress-free experience! We have been working closely with our breeders and veterinarians to raise the standards. All of our puppies are well-socialized and ready to bring love, laughter, and happiness into their new fur-ever homes! We will be completely transparent throughout the process of adopting and bringing your new companion home. We will make sure, when your new bundle of joy arrives, you have everything in place for a seamless transition. We will be available before, during and after the adoption for all your needs and concerns.

Reasons To Choose Reliable Puppies

Our Breeders

We use vetted and reputable breeders to help find your fur-ever friend. Reliable Puppies’ goal is to connect families with happy and healthy puppies!


We offer financing through PayPal. PayPal’s buy now, pay later services allow you to choose from many payment options, including several offering 0% interest.